Okinawan Kobudo


Kobudo is an ancient art of Okinawan Weaponry. Introductory weapons for the beginning Kobudo student will consist of;

    Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa

Kubudo is currently open to Two Rivers Martial Arts Black Belt students, with restricted mentorship available to non - black belts. Please contact Mr Hornback for eligibility. Belt certification is available for students that pay testing fees. This class is at no additional cost.

Okinawan Kobudo is an ancient art of Okinawan Weaponry training derived from the islands fishing and farming industry in the early 17th century. The Two Rivers Martial Arts Kobudo class is currently open to Two Rivers Black Belt students with 4 introductory weapons.
Bo, or long staff
The Bo is usually made with wood and derived from Farmers carrying water and
fishermen navigating their boats. Its use as a weapon is great as it has the ability
to defend the carrier with a 360-degree range.
Sai trident
Speculation dictates that the sai was a tool used for planting crop, mainly rice.
As it is made of steel it is a weapon with many uses, and when training you use a pair.
Nunchakus are mainly made of wood with a chain or rope Holding the two pieces together.
It develops the practitioners hand movements to become swift and precise.
Tonfas are in general made from white or red oak. They Should cover the
practitioners lower arm when held
The Kobudo students may wear dobok of choice but need to consider each weapons movements
and individual ability to snag on anything loose or hanging. This is a weapons class and safety is a first priority
Students need to bring all weapons to each class as during each lesson there will be interchanges.
For more information please contact Mr. Hornback as space is at times limited due to size of the
weapons and space needed for each student to maneuver them safely