Here's the official terminology sheet handed out to students.

This document is an attempt to compile a list of Korean terminology used in the study of Tae Kwon Do. In years past, the terminology reflected heavy Chinese influence. Around 1975 however, most styles "upgraded" to use a more "modern" Korean terminology that attempts to shed these other influences in an effort to be more "pure" Korean.

Since the Korean language is written using "Hangul" and not the Roman alphabet, all the spellings you see here are approximate romanizations and may not be the same spellings that some of you are used to seeing.

Numbers (Counting)



Two deul
Three set
Four net
Five daset
Six yuhset
Seven ilgop
Eight yeoldeol
Nine ahop
Ten yeol
Eleven yeolhana
Twelve yeoldeul
Thirteen yeolset
Fourteen yeolnet
Fifteen yeoldaset
Sixteen yeolyuhset
Seventeen yeolilgop
Eighteen yeolyeoldeol
Nineteen yeolahop
Twenty soomul
Twenty One soomulhana
Thirty serun
Forty mahron
Fifty osip
Sixty yesun
Seventy irun
Eighty yodun
Ninety ahun
One Hundred bek
First il
Second ei
Third sam
Fourth sia
Fifth oh
Sixth yuk
Seventh chel
Eighth pal
Ninth ku
Tenth shp


Attention Chareyhet
Bow Kyung Yeh
As you were Goman (or Baro)
Turnaround Dero Dohrahs (or Dohrah)
Go Si Jak


Ready Stance Chunbee
Front Stance Chongul Ja Sae
Back Stance Hugul Ja Sae
Riding Horse Stance Kim Ja Sae


Block Maki

Punches / Strikes

Punch Kong Keok
Spear Fingers Kwansu
Knife Hand Sudo
Ridge Hand Yeop Sudo


Side Kick Yup Chaki
Roundhouse Kick Doll Rye Chaki
Front Kick Ap Chaki
Front Crescent Kick (Full Moon) Ap Hurya Chaki
Front Crescent Kick (Half Moon) Chiki Chaki
Front Hooking Kick Ap Hurya Chaki
Reverse Hooking Kick Dwet Doll Rye Chaki
Reverse Kick Dwet Chaki
Jumping Kick El Dan Chaki

General Terms

Instructor: 4th Dan and above Sa Bum Nim
Instructor: 1st to 3rd Cho Gyo Nim
Training Hall Dojang
Practice Uniform Dobok
Free Sparring Ja Yu Dae Ryun
One Step Sparring Il Bo Dae Ryun
Three Step Sparring Sam Bo Dae Ryun
Form (pattern) Hyung/Poomse
Shout/Yell Kihap
Certain Victory Pil Sung
Thank You Com Sam Ni Da
Low Hadan
Middle Jung Dan
High Sang Dan
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