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Two Rivers Martial Arts has resumed in-person classes on a branch by branch basis. Please check each branch page for details. Instructors at each branch will set class size limits, modified class schedules and curriculum to adapt to local conditions. Online classes will continue, and promotion testing in small groups can be arranged either online or in-person.

Please see the Two Rivers Martial Arts Facebook page for updates to the online class schedule and how to join individual classes or contact us directly with any questions.

Martial Spirit / Aikispirit will resume practice at Two River Martial Arts Hub Sunday, May 16, 2021 from 9:30AM to noon. Due to practices being in an enclosed space with some contact, COVID vaccination and masks will be required for some time. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Interested persons new to this practice are invited to observe and/or participate.

Two Rivers is asking our students who are participating in online or in-person classes to please pay class fees to help keep our school running. As for many small businesses, this has been a financially challenging time, and there are no bailouts for a volunteer run non-profit like us. Each branch page has buttons for paying fees through Paypal, but it is not required to have a PayPal account. We thank you for your support.

Please contact your instructor with questions, and check back often at this website for updates. Thank you very much for your understanding. Please follow the CDC guidelines  on their website to stay healthy.

How Do I Start?

How Do I Start

Our Tae Kwon Do classes are physically demanding, but structured to create a fun and rewarding experience. Come see for yourself, there is no obligation or cost.

Class Schedules

Class Schedule

With Multiple locations in Central Iowa, find a branch convenient for you and see what we're all about.

Our Instructors


Our black belts have spent many years committed to the art of Tae Kwon Do and enjoy sharing their skills and passing it on to their students.

Two Rivers History

Trma History

Two Rivers Martial Arts teaches traditional Tae Kwon Do and self-defense, but we are not a traditional martial arts school.

Latest News

The Indianola branch location will move to Fusion Fitness, 107 West Salem. Classes in Indianola and Winterset are both restarting the week of Nov. 1st.

Attention Black belts, the board has approved the ITF black belt forms standards. Questions can be addressed to GM Gonzalez, McBroom and Deaton
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New article on Two Rivers history!
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TRMA history book is available to order. Read more.

Grandmaster Award : Congratulations to Mr Nelson on the award and for his dedication to Two Rivers

Eric Heintz Memorial Award: Congratulations to Ms Bailey, Ms Douglass and Ms Xaykose for everything they do for Two Rivers

If testing online, you can fill out this form rather than a paper test form.

Announcement: New insurance requires sparring participants to wear head gear, foot pads and mouth guards. This is effective immediately. TRMA will soon have head gear for sale.


Our Beginning

Two Rivers traces its roots to the Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy, and through Master Heintz, to Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung of Jung's Tae Kwon Do in Cedar Rapids.

Master Heintz ran a traditional Tae Kwon Do school in the typical manner. He was one of Master Jung's best students and taught Tae Kwon Do at the YMCA.


Volunteering and Donations!

If you are looking for a good cause, please consider Two Rivers Martial Arts as we are always looking to improve our organization and aid our communities.

Training Program

Tae Kwon Do

To try out our club and the art of Tae Kwon Do, just come to a few classes!

Black Belt Youth Group

The school's Black Belt Youth Group is open to all Youth Black Belts.

Martial Spirit

This is a formal martial art class that can be started at any time.


Kobudo is an ancient art of Okinawan Weaponry.

Tai Chi

This class is currently offered to Two Rivers Martial Arts black belts.

Self Defense

Two Rivers Martial Arts Self Defense curriculum was created by Master Deaton.


Our Grand Masters

Grandmaster Mcbroom

Grandmaster Brett McBroom

8th Dan

Grandmaster McBroom began training with Master Heintz in the early 1980s. He is one of the primary instructors at the Winterset...
Grandmaster Gonzalez

Grandmaster Steve Gonzalez

8th Dan

Grandmaster Gonzalez started training with Master Heintz in the mid 1980s. He earned his 8th Dan in December 2016.
Grandmaster Deaton

Grandmaster Brad Deaton

8th Dan

Grandmaster Deaton began training with Master Heintz in 1986. Grandmaster Deaton earned his 8th Dan in December 2016.

Our Masters

Master Williams

Master Anita Williams

7th Dan

Master Williams began training with Master Heintz in 1987 and earned her 7th Dan in December 2016.
Master Ferguson

Master Dwayne Ferguson

7th Dan

Master Ferguson began training with Master Heintz in 1989 and earned his 7th Dan in December 2016.
Master Siever

Master Bryan Siever

6th Dan

Master Siever began training with Master Heintz in the spring of 1993. He earned his 6th Dan in December of 2016.
Master Roger Netsch

Master Roger Netsch

6th Dan

Master Netsch earned his 6th Dan in December 2016.
Master Lucy Kingsbury

Master Lucy Kingsbury

5th Dan

Master Kingsbury earned her 5th Dan in June 2021.
Master Brian Anderson

Master Brian Anderson

5th Dan

Master Anderson began his training with Two Rivers in 2003 and earned his 5th Dan in June 2021.
Master Drew Cummings

Master Drew Cummings

5th Dan

Master Cummings began his training with Two Rivers in 2004 and earned his 5th Dan in June 2021.