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To try out our club and the art of Tae Kwon Do, just come to a few classes! There is no obligation or cost. If you prefer, you can watch a class, but we've found that students get a far better appreciation for what class is really like – and what they can really accomplish – if they actually take a class with us. The youngest age we recommend starting is 7 years old, but feel free to discuss options with an instructor. Our Tae Kwon Do classes include students of all ages, and we encourage families to train together. Check out the schedules.

Our members vary from complete beginners at martial arts to advanced students who have trained in Tae Kwon Do for many years. Many students who began their training with the club have gone on to earn their black belts here, and have continued training with us for years afterwards.

Your First Classes

During your first few classes in particular, you will be exposed to an abundance of new information and new physical techniques. There's no need to get frustrated, however – no one is expected to learn or remember everything immediately. (In fact, everyone else in the club is still working on those same techniques!)

Early in your training, you must often just imitate higher belts as best you can. Be open to this old way of learning, which is uncommon today, but which works especially well for physical techniques, at which proficiency comes only after many repetitions. And don't hesitate to ask questions of the instructor or other experienced students at appropriate times.

For your first class, please try to show up 10–15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. Arriving early will give you an opportunity to meet the instructor, to go over basic class etiquette, and permit the instructor to learn of any special needs or medical issues you may have that may affect your training.

A few pointers will help you through class:

  • Come to class well hydrated.

    Although any student who feels dehydrated or sick can get water or sit down as needed. Classes generally run from 60 to 75 minutes with a break in the middle to get a drink. Advanced students will typically drink 3–4 liters of water the day of class – as well as the day after! So make sure you have plenty of water the day of class.

  • Don't eat right before class.

    We recommend that you not eat anything substantial for several hours before class. We do a lot of abdominal exercises and jumping and twisting motions in class, and you are likely to be much more comfortable with an empty stomach. Some club members with mysterious internal architecture have claimed to be able to eat a full meal at 5:30 before a 7:00 class, but most of us need more time.

  • Wear clothes that do not restrict your motion.

    You'll want clothes that are suitable for heavy exercise. Shorts are OK, but remember that you will be doing splits and high kicks, so please wear shorts of appropriate length. Also, please do not wear shoes, a watch, or any jewelry. (We make exceptions only for very important items such as wedding rings and religious jewelry, as long as they don't protrude. If you have such jewelry, please point it out to the instructor before your first class.)

  • Work hard, but pace yourself.

    If you feel dizzy or ill, raise your hand – the instructor will immediately come over to check on your condition and see what you may need. As mentioned above, any student who feels he or she needs to sit down or get water will be permitted to do so. If you ever feel that a particular exercise will hurt you (for example, because of an injury), substitute something similar that is safe for you. Let the instructor know before class if you anticipate any problem.

  • Enjoy the process of learning!

    Acquiring the skills of a proficient martial artist takes a long time, and much of the true value of training comes not from mastering a skill, but from being comfortable working on something you haven't mastered. Much of the joy of Tae Kwon Do comes from learning skills that may take a lifetime to master. So come to class not to master a new skill quickly, but to enjoy the process of learning!

There's obviously a lot more to becoming a martial artist – those are points that you will pick up as you attend classes. In the beginning, just focus on coming to class, trying hard, and enjoying the process of learning something that is not only mentally challenging, but physically challenging, too!

Give it a Try

All this may seem like a lot of information, but in the end, it all comes down to what we said in the beginning: Just come to a few classes and work out with us! We look forward to having you train with us! Meanwhile, email us
( trmaweb@tworiversmartialarts.com) if you have questions.