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Two Rivers Martial Arts Grandmaster Appreciation Award

The Grandmasters of Two Rivers Martial Arts select outstanding black belts who exemplify the true essence of volunteerism. This award is given to recognize their time, talents and dedication to Two Rivers. Their contributions include the following areas: teaching, testing, tournaments, training, marketing, recruitment, serving on the board, committee work, self-defense presentations, cleaning, dojang repairs, developing programs, fostering positive relationships in the community, fund-raisers and other duties.

Mr. Chris Lerch
Ms. Cindy Lerch
Ms. Alex Lerch
Mr. Max Lerch

May 2017

Ms. Jennifer Bailey
Mr. Kendall Bailey

August 2017

Ms. Vickie Hornback
Mr. John Hornback
Mr. Daniel Hornback
Ms. Jasmine Hornback

December 2017

Ms. Rochelle Douglass

April 2018

Ms. Morgan Endecott

January 2019

Mr. Dave Nelson

January 2021

Mr. Don McDonald

February 2022

Mr. Rob Dale

April 2023

Eric Heintz Memorial Award

This award honors Master Eric Heintz. Through the 1980s and 1990s, Master Heintz and his wife, Master Kaye Baer, ran the Eric Heintz Black Academy, teaching martial arts skills but also improving their students' lives in many ways. In the process, Master Heintz grew a community of black belts that we call our "Tae Kwon Do family". With Master Heintz's retirement, some of those black belts formed Two Rivers Martial Arts with the mission of continuing to teach Tae Kwon Do as it was taught at the Eric Heintz Black Belt Academy and passing on the principles and traditions learned there. This award is given to individuals who have supported Two Rivers in the spirit in which it was created.

Ms. Jennifer Bailey

January 2021

Ms. Rochelle Douglass

January 2021

Ms. Brooke Xaykose

January 2021

Jeremiah Keller

December 2021

Mrs. Lori Whitehead
Mr. Doug Whitehead
Barb Ferguson

December 2021

Ms. Jennifer Bailey
Mr. Kendall Bailey
Linda Bailey

December 2021

This award is given to black belts who have excelled in promoting the art of Tae Kwon Do. Their dedication to teaching and training of students. The following Two Rivers Martial Arts black belts have received this distinguished award.

Master Eric Heintz


Master Kaye Bair


Master Judith Clinton


Master Marvin Samuelson


Grandmaster Steve Gonzalez


Grandmaster Brad Deaton


Grandmaster Brett McBroom


Master Dwayne Ferguson


Master Anita Williams


Master Roger Netsch


Master Bryan Siever