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Wind And Water-Flowing Heart-Mind Way


This is a formal martial art class that can be started at any time. There are no specific begin dates throughout the year. Regular attendance can lead to martial art promotion and eventual black belt certification.

Martial Spirit is a practice of a style of martial art that incorporates a variety of specific skills. Overall, the style emphasizes principles of graceful flowing movement to overcome strength. And it emphasizes a philosophy of martial arts as peaceful rather than as aggressive. Not based on aerobic conditioning and strength, it is a body-mind activity that can improve both skill and calmness with age rather than decrease with age. Martial Spirit can enhance body physiology, psychological calmness, and spiritual connection.

The class develops proficiency with the middle staff [jo (J.) or jung buong (K.)] through forms, techniques and sparring, along with training in aiki-flowing and grasping defense techniques and sword forms. Classes are non-aggressive and peaceful. While the class does not stress aerobic conditioning or strength or flexibility, it does require some basic fitness.

Mr. Kinseth

Mr. Kinseth began training with Master Heintz in 1983 and has taught taekwondo at various branches and at the Hub. He has over 45 years experience in a variety of martial arts, with particular emphasis upon taekwondo, kumdo and jodo.

Martial Spirit class is offered at the hub location each Sunday from 9:30-12:00 noon.

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