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Testimonials from our Students

My name is Harshitha H. from West Des Moines. I have been learning taekwondo for two years. I started taekwondo just for fun, It got more serious after my white belt. Taekwondo taught me to set high goals for myself and made me better in everything I do in my life. Taekwondo taught me self discipline, how to respect others, how to control my body and mind. Taekwondo helped me to get stronger and more flexible.

Before taekwondo, my confidence level was low, but after two years of learning taekwondo, my confidence level increased and I can see the changes in me. I'm learning different hand and foot techniques and my instructors teach me how they can be applied in dangerous situations. It will help to protect myself from strangers.

I love the Black belts and Brown belts who teach and support me to learn new techniques. At Two Rivers Martial Arts the higher belts are so kind to the lower belts. I am encouraged all the time to reach new levels by learning new moves and techniques.

I'm proud to be a taekwondo student.

Harshitha H.
(age 8)

My name is Sophie, and I am 14 years old. I attend Central Academy in Des Moines as a freshman, and I am a first gup permanent brown belt-- a single test away from my temporary black belt. Let me begin by saying I wouldn't be the same without TaeKwonDo. I started when I was nine, and I consider August 19, 2013 to be one of the best days of my life, not because I particularly remember the events that transpired, but because that's the day I went to my first class. With the introduction of TaeKwonDo in my life, everything changed. I started to look forward to something during the week. I've never been a fan of physical activity, but TaeKwonDo never seemed like an exercise to me. TaeKwonDo provided the sense of achievement that my non challenging academic life never could, and as I jumped from white belt to yellow belt to beyond I enjoyed-- and yes, still enjoy-- telling people I'm in a martial art and being able to demonstrate it. From the moment I realized I was in love with TaeKwonDo, I've been secure in my knowledge I could defend myself and more confident with myself than I'd be without it all- which is more than I ever expected to get when I joined.

There have been troubles, of course-- moments where I forgot a form or couldn't break a board and had the horrible thought of "Why did I even try?" However, I never stopped. You see, one of the first things I learned in my very first class was the tenets of TaeKwonDo-- Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit-- and no matter what, I didn't let myself forget them. Through the lapses in memory and misled decisions and everything in between, both in and out of class, TaeKwonDo brought me to new heights before I even knew I had a chance to reach for them, and I'm entirely certain it will continue to do so. I can't forget the people I've met through it-- my amazing instructors, the friends I've made, the younger belts I've had the opportunity to instruct and maybe even influence-- and I know I'll continue to learn and grow, as a student and person and so much more. And to think-- I didn't even want to attend that first class...

Sophie V.
(age 14)

Ella started in Little Dragons in Indianola with her brother when she was 4½. She enjoyed Little Dragons with her best friend and they have continued in Tae Kwon Do together. She went to the white belt class when she was 5½ and spent about 3 sessions in white belt and has gotten to high yellow in a year. She loves how kind the instructors are and the fun she has doing it with her friends and brother. Her uncle did Tae Kwon Do and that is kind of what got her started. As a parent, I'm so pleased with the kindness, gentleness, and patience the black and brown belts have for the younger kids. I enjoy watching them teach my children and how much they have grown. Indianola instructors are great. Ella has learned to focus more and follow instructions while in class. Her favorite thing during class is sparring. She loves sparring against her friend, brother, and black belts. While they are sparring a few of the black belts will get down to the little ones level it is so fun to watch. I also love that when they are sparring the higher belts will teach and explain to them what they need to be doing. As a mom, I love what my children get from this and the adults who help and teach them.

Lacey M.
(Ella's Mom)

I first started Tae Kwon Do when my grandma signed me up to try it because she thought I might like it. I wasn't sure at first that I did until I got to break my first board; then I really started to enjoy it. I really like Tae Kwon Do because I have such great teachers, especially Mr. Lerch & Master Netsch. They take their time helping me improve and get better at it. I think Tae Kwon Do has helped me want to be better and do better. I like making sure I am on time to class & being respectful to the sport. I can't wait to get my next belt!

Landon T.